You say it is
character building,
that all of these
bad things will
only make me
But you don’t
have to experience
even half of it:
so I’m twice the
character that you
will ever be.


One thought on “Character

  1. A smart retort, and well justifed! ”

    It’s character building!” – a typical cliched response in the face of the suffering of others quite beyond most people’s capacity even to begin to imagine what it’s like and empathise with the PAIN (mental, physical, or both) – that is endured.

    So many people just want to say something that will make the sufferer just shut up, put up with it, and go away. “Character-building!” is just such a strategy by those wishing to shy away from your distress and make you – to try to make you – see all this suffering as somehow good for you. They may, of course, be suffering too, and need that to be noticed rather than have to keep seeing yours. But glib dismissive remarks are not the thing to heklp anyone.

    You, Lady, are not putting up with this sort of s**t, I think. Your punchy little poem is just the job. It’s also mathematically rather clever too.

    However …. because you have endured, are perhaps even at this moment enduring, and will, no doubt, again endure great distress, the world will be better for your existence because you will not, do not, shy away from your pain, and will – I am certain – when you are well enough – show great compassion for others. There’s not enough of that about, but I fear it only comes out of great suffering. Pehaps that is what they mean by “character building”! Ah, I hadn’t thought of that! See what you teach me through your writing?

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