I don’t understand, at all.

Why would you not want to be with the person who loves you down to the ground, warts and all?

She’s going to hate your stupid laugh, it will embarrass her. She’s going to hate going to your cricket games and football matches. In fact, she won’t go to them at all. She’s going to hate the way you dress like a chav, your two-piece Smurf-blue tracksuit will kill her inside. She’s going to hate your family get-togethers, she’s going to wish that she wasn’t there. Because, she.does.not.love.you.

I, on the other hand, love you with every inch of my being.
Why would you not want to be with the only girl in the world who loves you down to the ground?

I want bike rides in the summertime with the kids (I’ll pay for the ice cream). I want to take you for lobster and champagne at that seafood restaurant that we like after graduation. I want you to be at my graduation so you can see me wearing a silly hat and we can have nice photos taken in the castle. I want to have these photos framed and put up in our first flat, the one we’ve been meaning to buy for two years now. I want to cook you all of your favourite meals, and have your favourite beer in my fridge. I want to relive our old cinema trips and our Christmas shopping jaunts around town, trying on engagement rings. I want everything back to normal now please, because this is killing me.

I have begged you not to make the biggest mistake of your life. I am the best thing that ever happened to you, everyone knows it. They all said that you’re a fool, that you were always punching above your weight with me anyway. But I don’t care. I have begged you not to break my heart any more than it already is. I have pleaded with you to give me another chance. I have promised you that I’ll be fully recovered by summer. I have asked for your good nature to reconsider me as your lover, because there’s only one place I belong and that’s in your arms.

Your bed is still warm from when I slept in it last.
Please don’t make the biggest mistake of your life.


5 thoughts on “Why

  1. Take your question
    And turn it around
    “Why would you not want to be with the person who loves you down to the ground, warts and all?”
    Why should YOU settle?
    You shouldn’t
    You deserve someone
    Who will give you everything
    Be your everything
    Not take everything
    And leave you empty
    This toxic love story
    Has no good ending
    But sometimes our Monsters
    Have us believe that it does
    You have to find your strength
    To let him walk away
    Because when you do
    And the wounds heal
    (Which in time, they will)
    And you are happily you
    Someone will come along
    Who deserves
    Your everything
    And gives you theirs in return
    It will happen
    You will get there
    And in the meantime
    I will be here to listen
    Anytime you need it.

  2. He. Is. Not. Remotely. Worth. Your. Time. You deserve so much more. You don’t or won’t believe what I’m saying but just read what I’ve typed. Read it repeatedly.

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