A Letter To Say Goodbye


To my darling chicken nugget noodle pie,

Everything is awful and it is all your fault. You say that things are going good for you at the moment, that you are happy. I am so unhappy it is killing me. When did you stop loving me? When did you stop caring? When did you decide to throw it all away? I want to know the day, the time, the exact moment you stopped loving me. The moment you decided against me. The time you chose to end this forever.

When I see your family do I say hello? Will I have to endure your sister’s facebook status’ “Chilling with my fave sis in law”? 
I used to be the favourite sister in law. Will it be her from now on? Can I still take your nephews out to the park and to the swimming pool? Or is that not allowed anymore. They still call me “auntie Helena” and said that your new girlfriend is “ugggglllyyyyyyy” and that they just want me. The inner child within me was very pleased and somewhat smug at this information.

Does she text you asking how work is going?
Does she text you asking how football is going?
Does she text you asking how your nephews are?
Does she do all the things I used to do to show that I care?

She probably has bigger breasts than me but a much smaller IQ. Just your type. You’ve always been shallow. The boys all say you were punching above your weight by dating me. They are correct. I am far too good for you.

My life is just beginning. I am finishing my degree, I am finding a flat in London Town and I am going to get my dream job. I am going to have money and stability, and Lithium is making me better, so soon I will be Recovered. You’re going to miss out on all of this. I still don’t know if you want a ticket to my graduation. I’d like you to be there, seeing as you’ve done 90% of my university journey with me. It’s a shame that you weren’t man enough to complete the final hurdle with me. You left me to do it alone. That is a sad thing.

This is going to be the most exciting year of my life. I was supposed to share it with you. Like we always planned. Remember our 5 year plan? We were 80% of the way through it. Again, you failed at the final hurdle. All the engagement rings, and the wedding and the baby plans. We had the names all picked out. That’s how serious we were. I was going to throw my life away because it would make you happy. So I guess I’ve had a lucky escape. My life is going to be amazing, without you in it.

It’s a shame, it’s a shame, it’s all a shame. What a waste. We were amazing together. Dream team, superstars, taking over the world one step at a time. Now that’s all gone down the shitter, thanks to you and your selfish ways. Too proud to date someone who is mentally ill. Too busy to “look after” me. You’ve proved yourself to be a total asshole, congratulations.

My life is going to be amazing, without you in it.
This is going to be the best year of my life.
I love you (only at the moment, not forever)

From your Bubi xxx

P.S. Fuck you, asshole.






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