I am finally in my
own bed after 5
days playing away.
My brain is dead
Ashley says it
has lots of tiny holes
in it, caused by
copious amounts
of Shit Coke. I need you
to come to LDN
so you can go
to the pharmacy
for me and pick
up my meds cos
I can’t leave this bed.
I know you’d do that
for me cos I’d promise
rewards and more.
I have nine pillows
you can rest your
crazy brain on and
you’d wrap me up
tiny in your arms
and there’d be no
relapsing cos I’m
Getting better. Sorry
to disappoint, but
I think it’s best
you don’t see me
as a mess. You’d
fall out of love with
me and wonder what
the hell you’re doing
in this bed in this student
room with a thousand books
and permanently drawn
curtains. We’d listen to
the Blues and hide away.
The only person we’d see
for days is the Chinese
delivery man. We’d chain
smoke and fuck the pain
Away away away
(P.S. Screw the barista
who is currently standing
on the left.)


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