Assignment set me an assignment: one work of poetry describing your best assets drenching everything you find good about you into one piece of work. This was SO bloody difficult. After a revelation where I realised I am good at being bad, I decided I had no other route to take other than the route that I am difficult, hard as nails, a total badass, a bit of a nightmare, and generally a total mess. But these are all good things. Me being bad is a GOOD quality, because it makes people fall in love with me. After being able to write nothing, it turned into a bit of an epic. Here we go. Hope I get top marks. x

The whole point
of Me
is that I’m good
at being

I believe in
(millions wouldn’t)
But fuck the millions

Best feature?
The dimples on
my lower back?
The nails that
leave scratch marks
on yours?
The eyes that give
away years of pain?
The hair that you
pull while
you fuck me again?
Cos my ass
is the juiciest you’ll
Ever have the luck
to grab
True London style
I’ve got the gift
of the gab
The features of a model
but none of the height
Everything I touch turns to gold
Always love at first sight
Always fuck on the first date
Always secrets lies and hate
North London buzzes
in the palm of my hand
It belongs to me
I’ll share it with you
cos that’s the kinda girl I am
I don’t have much to give
bar intelligence and wit
I’ll do your essay
for a score
I’ll be your submissive little
coke whore
You enjoy parading me
around in front of your pals
Which is fine by me
See I’m not like most gals
I’m special, unique, one of a kind
My brain is frazzled
I’ve lost my mind

The whole point
of Me
is that I’m good
at being

I believe in
(millions wouldn’t)
But fuck the millions

Don’t let me intimidate you
(I know most girls are scared
of me, cos I’ve got a violent
“I’m Helena Louise Fucking Rollason
Who the fuck are you?”
I’m a sweetheart, honestly
I’ll eat your heart
spit it out
then clean up the mess
that I made
cos I’m a total babe

Always right
Never wrong
You know all the lyrics
To my suicide song
I’ll talk to you
until 4 in the morning
just cos I can
Plus, I don’t do ‘boring’
I give money to buskers
I smile at strangers
I’ll rob you for your last cigarette
I’ll win every and any football bet
Guys like me cos I’m just
like them
But prettier
(the guys I fuck are pretty fly)
I’ll buy you Fifa
I’ll buy you gear
I’ll kiss you every
day for a year
And when the time comes
as it always does
We’ll pretend
We never even knew each other
Then you’ll kick yourself
in the bollocks
and curse the day
you ever gave me away

I’m good at what I do
(mainly screwing you
in every sense of the
Helena does good
Grew up in a shitty
First name terms
with the local Pigs
Never got any
permanent digs
But everything is fine
Cos I shine brighter
than any diamond
you ever bought me
and every star that
we ever made wishes
on, those stars that
told nasty lies to me

I shine bright
I’m a pretty sight
You’d be lucky
To set eyes on me
I’m unforgettable
“Once you have me
You’ll always come back”
That’s a fact
and you fucking know it
Now stop being a silly bastard
and Love Me, love me back.


15 thoughts on “Assignment

  1. Well played Helena Louise Fucking Rollason… That was a difficult assignment but you knocked it out of the park. :)

  2. Reblogged this on The POWER & The GLORY and commented:
    For anyone who wants to understand self discovery in ART I urge you to read this sublime brilliant piece of work and follow this incredibly gifted artist.

  3. An absolutely stunning achievement in poetry in words in rhythm. It is an A+ without prejudice. It is phenomenal self discovery in Art . What is best about Helena Louise is what this work is in fact drenched in, Honesty.

  4. “Now stop being a silly bastard
    and Love Me, love me back.”
    Nice ending to a excellent poem. I like the flow of thoughts leading to the strong ending.

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