Well Enough To Work

I had a bit of a revelation today: I think I’m well enough to go back to work! By work I mean my experiential marketing job, promotional modelling.

There’s a nationwide campaign for the UK’s biggest opticians happening on April 5th. I worked on this campaign in Enfield, North London in July/August 2013, and the same campaign in Windsor in October/November 2013. The massive April campaign is happening in the town where I live, so it would take me a 10 minute walk to get to work. I’ve applied for the job, and I should get it considering my experience. Plus it’s only a one day campaign, and a chance to earn an easy £60, and payday is two weeks later this time, not six weeks later. It’s only a 6 hour shift as well. And I fucking need money.

So I’ve gone for it, cos I think I can do it. I feel stable enough to talk to the public without having a nervous breakdown. I feel confident enough to stand around looking pretty for 6 hours handing out promotional stuff. I think I can do it. I genuinely believe I am well enough to go back to work. Yay!


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