Lucky Escape

You didn’t even have the common decency, respect or heart to say goodbye to me or wish me good luck for the future. The girl you wanted to marry, the girl you wanted to become the mother of your children, pours her heart out to you and you have the audacity to completely ignore her. You have changed. I don’t even know you anymore. My Robjob wouldn’t treat a girl like that, with so little respect. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that you sir, are a TOP c*nt. Glad I’m not with you anymore. Everyone said I’d had a lucky escape. I didn’t believe them for weeks, months even. Now I finally understand why they all said that. Where do I want to be in ten years time? Definitely not stuck in Barnet, in a flat we can’t afford, with three kids, vacuuming the carpets we can’t afford to replace while you’re in your 20th year of fixing boilers every day, having a midlife crisis, cheating on me with prostitutes, and doing cocaine at the pub with your equally immature friends. Oh, she’s a barmaid is she? How ambitious ;) Best of luck with it all when she cheats on you with someone off Tinder. She is using you for your money already and you’ve only been together for a fucking week! Now, the pair of you can fuck off into the sunset. Oh wait, I forgot, you’ll never leave Barnet. You don’t pull my strings, cos I’m a better gal, movin’ on to better things.


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