Police killed Henry Hicks

But as sure as God made black and white
What is done in the dark will be brought to the light.

This post is just a rambling update of sorts, for my own sake really; this constant chaos is hard to comprehend but it helps to write it out.

It has been exactly two months since I last received any money from the government (57 quid does NOT go far). So it has been two months since I had any money to my name. I survive in a number of ways. It’s a godsend that so many men treat me as if I am their own daughter, or younger sister, I am so lucky — one of them paid me 20 quid to go for a drink with him and he bought me my first proper meal in three weeks, which was nice. People are generally helpful, buying me drinks and smokes and giving me money for the bus fare. I’m grateful of course, so grateful, but I really don’t like accepting money from people as I can’t guarantee when I can pay them back. So I have had to revert back to my criminal ways just to survive, and call upon old favours in order to keep my head above the water. I’m tired of it. It would be so nice to have money for the bus every day.


I am seeing the psychiatrist (with my care team) on Thursday. He’s spent the past few weeks writing an extensive report on my medical history which will provide the evidence that I need to qualify for the top level of social security payments. I’ve already got a medical certificate from my GP which states that I am unfit for work. I hope this psychiatry report includes all the relevant information, I’m a bit nervous that it won’t be adequate and then my application for disability benefits will be delayed even longer. Fuck. I haven’t seen this shrink for 3 months… 12 weeks flies when you’re having fun.

Which made me think… when did I last get my contraceptive injection done? It only works for 12 weeks, and usually I get the next shot on the 11th week so that it ticks over nicely, leaving me safe from pregnancy. I’ve been on the contraceptive injection for years and this is the first time I genuinely have no idea when I last got it done thus no idea when I’m due the next one. After a moment of panic and frantic calendar hopping, plus checking my call register back to October/November to work out when my last appointment was booked, I have concluded that I should have had it done last week. THANK FUCK I REMEMBERED ABOUT IT TODAY, as the clinic for under 25s is tomorrow so I can get it done during the 13th week. The hormones in the injection start to fade away in the 13th week but because I’ve been on this method of contraception for so long, I should be safe. LET US PRAY… because…


I went back to THAT GUY I started seeing over New Year.. yes, that one, the racist, sexist, homophobic, BNP-supporting, compulsive liar and top manipulator.. yes, that one, with the 3 year old son who he is not allowed to see.. yep, that’s the guy, the one who has a random 40 year old woman carrying his baby. *smashes head onto desk* I know, I know. After a whirlwind affair I called it a day, deleted his number and tried to ignore him. I don’t know what happened but on Sunday he got all emotional at me and was sending me all these sweet messages and I could feel his eyes on me from across the bar, and I just turned weak and crumbled and I just wanted his attention. Pregnant Lady drove him home, then I walked up to his house and we had a marvellous reunion and lalalala sex, drugs and on the dole, back to how it was before.

Before what?

Before I realised that you are a fucking disgraceful human being?

Before I had to punch you in the face to get you to stop shouting on a quiet residential street at 4 o’clock in the morning about how you want to kill Muslims?

Before you manipulated me into thinking that my anger was an overreaction, and that you had the right to be angry at followers of Islam because you served in Afghanistan and Iraq, and have seen your friends die in front of your eyes, and because you can’t play football anymore because of shrapnel from their bombs shredded your calf muscle?

Before you showed me your war wounds and I cried and apologised like the total mug that I am for punching you for being an ignorant, ignorant Islamophobe?

Before your friends and family told me you were in the TA but have never served abroad?

Before that?

Before you told me that you’re not in a relationship with Pregnant Lady and that you don’t like her at all, twas just a one night stand, but then you kiss her in front of me?

Before that?

I can’t keep up with his lies (too many to even bother mentioning) but he missed me and I missed attention and so I’ve been staying at his for a few days. He saw all the cuts on my arms and he cried and said that if I ever cut myself again he will stop speaking to me. I don’t know what to think about that. But now apparently Pregnant Lady “knows” that Baby Daddy is having an affair with “that pretty one from the pub.” SIGHHHHHHH. Apparently some bloke called TP (who I have never met in my life) definitely has concrete evidence that this affair is taking place. He told his landlady, another woman I have never met, who just so happens to be best friends with Pregnant Lady. Blah blah blah. I should care more, but I don’t. I should even be scared but again, I just cannot be bothered. We’ll see how he lies his way out of this one eh?

Let us again have a moment to thank every deity that I am not pregnant with his baby. I can’t be, can I? I’m on the 13th week of the injection, it’s fine, it’ll be fine. It will be fine.


ALSO. Big news. I am giving up alcohol for Lent.
I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.
Obviously I’m really nervous and sad about it. Quite frankly I am dreading it and feel sick already. It’s going to be difficult but I will try, I promise I will try super hard. I’m not going to go in any of the pubs because I know that I will crumble. I need to keep my head down anyway, as I’ve fallen out with lots of people over my drunken behaviour and my sadness means people don’t really want to hang around with me anymore as I just sit and cry. And Pregnant Lady or her landlady friend or TP might kill me if they see me ;) Ha but no I should stay out of everyone’s way for a while. I need time on my own. I’m exhausted.

Wednesday: 1st day of Lent, appt w/ Addiction Services, GET CONTRACEPTIVE INJECTION DONE
Thursday: Psych assessment, withdrawal symptoms, CAFFEINE
Friday: coffee + smokes + books, avoid all pubs.

I’m sorry if you are still reading this post at this point. But you’re in my head, reading my thoughts, which is kind of cool. Rest in Paradise, buddy. J4H. X


4 thoughts on “Police killed Henry Hicks

  1. Also, I totally always bum smokes off of friends when I am broke and I steal small things from big corporate stores (2 lipsticks today) and toilet paper/other things from restaurants. I do it half because I am broke and half because I like the feeling of getting away with something.

  2. Many thoughts.

    What does J4H stand for?

    I’m about to start applying for disability benefits too but here in the US it can take YEARS to get them.

    I really fucking hope you aren’t pregnant.

    He’s an asshole, which you know.

    I, too, always have to delete peoples numbers and such because I know I don’t have the self restraint not to call them when I feel lonely, especially when they are really bad for me.

    I’m so proud and excited for you that you are giving up drinking (even just for Lent). Are you religious at all? I didn’t think you were. I have given up booze permanently as it just messed up my judgement/bipolar.

    • J4H Justice for Henry, the 18 year old killed a couple of months ago in the area that I was born. There are still some questions about his death that remain unanswered but if the police weren’t harassing him then he would still be alive.

      About disability benefits.. blimey, why does it take so long? You’d better start filling out the paperwork and gathering medical evidence, little lady! Can they back-date the payments? Mine are being backdated to 28th November, which is the day I stopped working.

      Ah, thanks for the support. I’m not religious anymore (I turned my back on following Catholicism for many reasons, but Jesus is still my homeboy). I know that alcohol is my worst enemy and it plays havoc with my mood and behaviour, so I really respect and understand your decision to quit. Here’s to sobriety! *raises can of Coke Zero* xxx

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