Find Me

You can find me in
the sunshine. I am
sitting outside a cafe
in Marseille Vieux Port, glass of
wine and a Marlboro light
on my lips, I am here
and I exist.

You can find me in
the dirty alleyways of London
Paris, Berlin, I leave behind
a trail of sin that mixes
with the beer and urine. I am here,
I am alone, if you find me
you can follow me home.

You can find me
by the sea, always.
I am waiting for you,
I am waiting for no one,
I am waiting to be born.
Look to the sea and you
will see me, I promise.

You can find me in
the Tatra mountains,
walking to discover
Wordsworthian sublime.
I am here, there is a shrine
of Our Lady of Fatima. And
just like the others
She does not whisper,
“You will be fine.”
She does not whisper
anything at all. But I am here
I did not die.

You can find me at
the TfL Lost Property Office.
I am inside, I am still inside
the coffin that you left behind
that time on the Piccadilly Line. I am
not asleep, I am waiting.
Lost, I am lost but never found.
Collected? Never.
I will never be collected
but I am here.

You can find me on
the covers of the glossy magazines
I peer down at you and you
feel everything at once.
I am the stars
in your eyes, and you
are the stars in mine
but you will never buy me,
you will not get in line.

You can find me under
your nails, under
your skin, I am the dirt
and the grime.
I am the splinter
in your thumb and
I am the word that
lives on the tip of your
tongue. Soon, soon
you will wash me away
but I am here and I
exist and I will never be gone,
you will want me to stay.

You can find me in
the dusty cellar of your soul
the crooked chambers of your heart
the most dangerous recesses of your mind.
You can find me, I am here.
You can find me if you look –
you do not even have to open your eyes
I exist in the dark, I exist in the light.

You can find me anywhere,
everywhere, nowhere,
always, never.
I am scraps of paper
I am your wildest ideas
I am the coffee at the bottom of your mug
I am sorry
I am your imagination
I am your idea
and though I do not exist,
I am here.


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