Park Life

I am sitting in Finsbury Park. I read an article earlier about mindfulness in an old issue of Scientific American Mind. There is no cure for Borderline Personality Disorder. The NHS recommended treatment for BPD is mindfulness. I want to practice mindfulness right now, in the park. But I can’t do this because I’m too scared to shut my eyes. I know that, if I do, when I open my eyes my handbag will be gone, a group of foreign men will be leering at me and a 12 year old schoolboy will be shaking his dick in my face.

London looks so beautiful when seen through sepia-tinted shades, so hopeful, so alive. Take your sunglasses off and you are blinded by the grey, the one that smothers and suffocates, the broken homes, the shattered dreams, the thievery and the poverty. And yet we stay, because this is all we know. And because someday this city will be glorious again – and we want to stick around to see it.

Let your hair down in London City, everybody just keep moving with me…


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