The Sum Of All Stars [Part 1]

When I first saw her I judged her terribly. You would’ve done too, if you were there. It was impossible not to.

I judged her in a bad way and conceived negative opinions of her based solely on her appearance. But we all did, we were all guilty of judging her without reason. “We” happened to be five females of varying ages and nationalities, and we were all throwing the piercing daggers of harsh judgment into the exposed back of the alien creature who was standing amongst us, alone, studying the bus timetable.

One elderly woman sitting nearby was so visibly disgusted by the sight of her, I could almost hear the angry hornet thrashing about violently in her mouth, trapped behind her pursed lips. I looked over at another young lady who was eyeing up the creature’s outfit, her nose wrinkled with disapproval. The eyebrows of another woman seemed to have entered a state of permanent elevation, arched high above her wide eyes that expressed sheer disbelief at the creature. I clocked the movement of another lady’s mouth as it transformed from a grimace to an unimpressed line.

So we all stood and sat and judged. But I don’t feel bad about it because I think she wanted everyone to stare at her and form misconceptions of her, just so she could shock us even more by proving our preconceived, shallow assumptions to be wrong. But she didn’t want to prove herself to all of us who were waiting at that bus stop yesterday. No, she didn’t care for the other women at all. Just me.


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