Paper Doll

It’s Fridaaaaayyyyy, and you know what that means. New prosetry piece up on Hijacked Amygdala, GO, GO GO!:

And while you’re there, feel free to delve headfirst into the minds of the other frogs that I share a box with. Since the cause of my recent breakdown is my impending destitution (going to be homeless again in 5 weeks), this poem in particular stuck in my mind this week: Soon by Gordon Flanders.

But I’m in a much better mental state now than I was this time last week, that’s for sure. Thank you for all of the good wishes and positive energy you’ve been sending me through cyberspace – your kindness has not gone unnoticed ❤

This weekend I’m planning a trip to the Wellcome Collection and will be following the last day of the football season on Sunday, but it’s also likely that I will just hide in bed devouring A Spy in the House of Love by Anaïs Nin like the tired little gremlin that I am.

Have a smashing weekend y’all.



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