Zombie Nation

I can’t remember if I sometimes behave like a zombie because of my psychiatric medication, or if I take psychiatric medication because I sometimes behave like a zombie.

[Originally published 20/11/15]

One thought on “Zombie Nation

  1. It is one and both the same. There is no zombie, there is no medication. You are spread out too far, bring yourself back in. Back to the core of the darkness. Which isn’t fearful, it is just the place you got caught in along the journey. Once you solidify, the step upwards will be visible and then you have the choice. That will be the hardest part. Deciding on your own, but with all of you together again to choose where to. Learn to grab hold of what is in front of you, find it in your words. Written and read. Find the assistance none can see. But reach out, hang onto it, and draw yourself up. There is always another path, a different path.

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